After generations of oppression, the Arawak Peoples are reclaiming their plants and medicines. Though they have been deprived for so long, these indigenous people still remain connected to this ancestral tradition in order to heal themselves mentally and physically. From a young age children learn about plant life as well as its healing properties from parents who teach them how important it is not only to care for oneself but also one's ancestors by using natural resources wisely. This wisdom has translated over into Soft & Butter, an skincare brand dedicated to bringing mindfulness back through skin love!


Reaching your natural self is more than just a tagline for our company. We believe in what we sell and that it can help you get closer to the person who has been hiding inside of you this whole time- someone with peace, balance, calmness. Our products are made from sustainable sources so they're good for both us and Mother Earth!


My journey through eczema, motherhood and reclaiming my Indigenous roots has allowed me to create Soft & Butter. I want people who suffer from skin issues like mine or have damaged skin due to environmental factors, to know that you can have products that can repair your skin; not just make it look good but also feel good.

Reconnect. Heal. Naturally. I am committed to using only the finest ingredients from the Amazonian Rainforest to create products that work. My goal is to bring Afro Indigenous stories and skincare into mainstream. "We're not just making cosmetic beauty products," says founder Jasmine Swimmer.


We are a small batch hand harvested skincare brand. We are always looking for partnerships, investment and wholesale opportunities. We currently employ BIPOC seniors and youth. If you would love to know more please see our Contact Us .