"Mother Earth is not a resource she is a heirloom" - David Ipina Yurok Tribe


Sustainable Everyday Skincare infusing Traditional Indigenous plant culture into skincare products. Made from rich fruits, plants and seeds sustainably farmed sourced from Amazon Rainforest, Northern Ontario & Ghana. Providing an Indigenous plant-to-product model controlling our farming of natural ingredients and formulation of skincare products made for underlying skin issues. To aid in connection to heart and spirit.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between beauty and health with natural products that are good for you. Reconnecting in the Arawak culture we consider plants to be relatives, thus they are to be respected. This is why Soft and Butter harvests plants in ceremonies following cultural teachings that ensure a sustainable relationship based on reciprocity. Healing with so many external toxins and irritants it’s hard to find products that not only look good but do good. We take pride in using indigenous herbs and flowers that contain healing properties that have been used for thousands of years and passed down. Naturally reducing our carbon footprint and focusing on maintaining a sustainable relationship with the land and ourselves.

Our vision is create amazing natural products that do good for you and the earth.

Our Values Sustainability, Connection & Empowerment


Taí Guey, I am Jasmine Swimmer, I belong to the Taino Arawak First Nation people. I'm the founder of Soft and Butter, I have dedicated myself to championing sustainability and economic growth within the Canadian Landscape. Exploring was to partner with Indigenous farmers and land owners to tell their stories, create economic success and produce quality products.

Soft and butter emerged from a lack of pure products in the market. When I struggled to find products that would soothe my eczema, I went back to the traditional indigenous herbs and plants of home, combining plant-based Indigenous ingredients and skincare. My indigenous traditions passed down from Maroon & Taino Arawak First Nations' great grandparents led me to a journey of discovery and healing.
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